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Who are you exactly?

Glad you asked, we're InstaPunchout, good to make your acquaintance!

InstaPunchout was founded in 2017, right around the time punchout left the early adopters phase and became more mainstream. At the time there were a handfull of successful Punchout providers, but the technology they used was highly outdated, rigid and overly complex. This made the punchout integration process a confusing and painfull for suppliers and their customers alike. Instapunchout was founded to change that complex rigid process and make it understandable for anyone.

Why should I choose InstaPunchout?

Well, for one, we are the cheapest punchout provider out there. Secondly our lead and integration times are very low, generally allowing us to start in just a few days and get to customer testing within a week.

  • Pricing

    InstaPunchout pricing is setup in a way so small to medium-sized businesses can reap the benefits of punchout without going bankrupt. Ofcourse those benefits extend to all businesses regardless of their size.

  • Integrations

    Our application allows over 180 different procurement platforms to connect with over 80 different eCommerce applications.

  • Ownership

    You'll get full access to all our features, allowing you to manage punchout the way you like it and at the speed you want it.

  • Speed

    Punchout capable in 2 hours. After the initial setup, adding a new customer and generating credentials can be done, by yourself, in minutes.

What is punchout anyway?

In short terms it's a functionality that connects your customers procurement platform directly to your online shop. It logs them in automatically and, once they're done shopping, returns the cart and it's contents back to their procurement. Punchout is the service that communicates information between the two platforms, taking human error out of the equation entirely. Below a list of messages that your customer might have asked you about and which we support.

Setup Request

Also referred to as a login request. This is sent out by a procurement application to let your shop know that someone wants to login and start shopping.

Order Message

After logging in, your customer will shop as they are accustomed to. Once they're done, they will return the cart and it's contents back to procurement. This cart message is called a PunchOut Order Message.

Order Request

When the shopping cart contents have been approved within the procurement system, it will generate a PunchOut Order Request. This will then be sent back to your online shop for further processing.


Not commonly asked for, but an eConfirmation is a extra message that can be sent back to procurement to let your customer know that the order was received and the items were available.

Shipping Notice

A shipping notice is used to let your customer know the items from a certain order were shipped and are on their way to the specified shipping address. Optionally it can contain track & trace information.

Invoice Request

Once the items have been received by your customer an Invoice Request can be sent out so you can receive payment for the goods or services provided. If required a credit memo version of this request is also available.

So what does it cost?

Affordable pricing so we can serve companies of any size. Note that a one time setup fee applies, contact us for the current rate.



Authenticates a user, so you can add customer specific pricing, catalog visibility etc.

  • All base features
  • Automated login
  • Cart synchronization
  • Order Request
  • Invoice Request
  • Catalog



This package allows the order to be sent back to your eCommerce platform.

  • All base features
  • Automated login
  • Cart synchronization
  • Order Request
  • Invoice Request
  • Catalog



Basic invoicing to your customer's procurement by converting the purchase order.

  • All base features
  • Automated login
  • Cart synchronization
  • Order Request
  • Invoice Request
  • Catalog



Fully punchout capable shop to list your products and manage your customers. Supports:

  • 180+ procurement integrations
  • Item visibility
  • Discounts per customer
  • iFrame ready
  • Chrome 80 ready
  • OCI and cXML

Common Questions

Yes! All you have to do is follow the instructions laid out by us in the initial setup and you should be good to go. We only rely on injecting a single javascript file to your frontend and our clever software will handle the rest (with a bit of your help of course).
In theory we support any procurement application that uses cXML or OCI, but the schema's of the two formats have to be followed closely. Departing from the standard is possible, but it would require one of our technical support engineers to give you a hand, which they are happy to do.
Our main formats for punchout are cXML and OCI. Order processing wise we can theoretically handle any type, but the most common ones are cXML, XML, UBL, IDOC and EDI.

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Uppler partner

Since July 2022 InstaPunchout is an official partner to the Uppler B2B Marketplace platform. Check out their website by clicking on the image to the right or contact us for more information.

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